Holiday Assignment

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Computer Studies SS1

Design the following :
(I) A coloured star
(II) The Nigerian Flag
Data processing SS1
Create an excel table with ten names, ten different subjects and scores. Calculate the total and average scores, put your table in grid and create the following charts
(a) pie chart
(b) bar chart

Computer Studies SS2
design a simple wedding card
Data processing SS2
1.Using a presentation package, create five slides with contents of your choice.

Using a graphic application, design the MTN logo

 SS 2 Biology = draw a well labelled diagram of plant and animal cell.state d functions of the cell components. In a tabular form,write the differences between plant and animal cell.also write the similarities

SS 3 Biology = (1) write at least 3 eye defect,causes and remedies
(2) Outline the major parts of ear with the aid of a well labelled diagram. Enumerate the mechanism of hearing
(3) Define homeostasis and mention the parts of the body involved in homeostasis

 Jss2 Basic Science = define puberty.list the physical changes in boys and girls during puberty

 J s 1 Agric Science = define agriculture. List and explain the branches of agriculture

 B/science JSS1- Define reflex action? Mention three examples of reflex action. Highlight five environmental hazard you know.

SS1 chemistry what are physical and chemical changes, give three examples each. Describe any two adverse effects of chemistry.

Agricultural science (J.s 3) state 10 importance of a school farm. (S.s 1)construct a hoe and a rake. S.s 2) go to the internet and print out 10 examples of farm animals in a colour form with 5 characteristic of each of them. (S.s 3)go to the internet and print out 10 examples of fruits with 6 importance of each in a colour form.

Computer ss3= Using graphics package, design any card of your choice.

Data processing ss3= Using presentation package, create ten slides on the benefits of vegetables,fruits and water

Economics ss1(1) why do we study economics (2) what is opportunity cost. (3) explain each of the following measure of central tendency , mean, median and mode. (b) calculate the mean, median and mode of the following set of numbers 34,31,24, 23,28,29,26, 25, 21,22,23,24, 23,30

Economics ss3 (1) define Human Capital Development and give various characteristics of human development. (2) define brain drain and explain factors affecting the efficiency of human capital.


 Literature in English
SS1: (1) Differentiate between English Literature and Literature in English
(2) Discuss intensively any five types of poetry

SS 2
(1) Discuss "The Dining Table" by Gbanabom Hallowell as a criticism of war and the despoliation of war

L(2)How may we justify the title of the poem "The Dining Table " vis-a-vis poetic content?

(1) Discuss William Shakespeare's Othello as a tragedy

(2)Compare and contrast Gabriel Okara's "Piano and Drum" with Birago Diop's "Vanity."

Catering craft
Make a vegetable album with a cardboard paper

Home economics
Make an album of 12 stitches and 8 seam
1)Visit a tailor walk shop. collect as many pieces of different kind of fabrics as possible.
Soak each piece in water.Note those that absorb water easily and those that dose not absorb, write down your observations
2) make a fabric album

Jss1 PHE
1. Explain the meaning of physical education
2. What do you understand by the word health?
3. Explain 5 reasons for studying phe

Jss 2 PHE
1. What is the meaning of recreation?
2. Write at least one page on the following variables
(i) Leisure (ii) dance
3. Explain what is meant by the word indoor and outdoor recreational activities giving 5 examples each stating areas of activities

Jss 3 PHE
1. With the use of an annotated diagram, explain what is meant by track and field event in athletics
2. Explain the best way to execute the basic skills and techniques in pole vault.

Jss2 Civic edu.
1. What is your understanding on the word value?
2. Explain the meaning of national value
3. Enumerate the attributes of integrity giving 5 reasons why it's pertinent for one to possess such attributes.



SS1 - defined government as an institutions, process and Field of study,,, 2. State the functions of government

SS2 - define franchise, identify d types and explain d demerit of limited franchise

 SS3 -outline the objectives of OAU,state the principle ,explain the historical background of OAU

CRS SS1,explain the concept, Jesus as the Lamb of God,state the significant
 CRS SS3 discuss the temptation of Jesus according to the synoptic Gospel, state the significant
 Ss3: using Internet check and print the examiner report of 2018 waec mathematics CRS J3 explain what happened at the beautiful gate.Act 3:1

CRSJ1 write the meaning and names of God in the following languages,Yoruba, Igbo,Hausa,Efik,Uroboh,Nupe and Ijaw


Ss1. Mathematics : using Internet check and print the introduction of solid and plane geometry

 F/maths ss3. With the use of Internet check and print the topic: operational research.
Ss2, f/maths : using Internet check and print the topic vector
JSS 3 MATHS :Using Internet check & print out three(3) dimensional shapes
SS2 MATHS :check,print & spiral bond using Internet the topic : circle geometry.
SS1 F/MATHS : with the aid of internet check & print out the topic : computer programming

Maths jss2
Express the following in 2 decimal places
1. 3.46635
2. 0.82468
Round off to the nearest whole ten
3. 12835
4. 4517
Find by factor the square root of 225

civic education

Ss1 ...what is civic education?.... Explain five point why civic education is important in schools........
Civic Education ss3...In details discuss rule of law, universal franchise,fundamental human right and emergency rule...

Civic Educationss2..what is national consciousness..explain how individual can promote national consciousness in the country giving five point..


Ss1_English:Your friend has just written you from another school asking for your department in your new class. Write a letter telling him or her your department and giving him or her at least three reasons for choosing the
department (not less than 400 words- typed).
Js3: Write a story that illustrates this saying; "little drops of water make a mighty ocean(200 words)_typed

Jss 2 English Studies

If you are given the opportunity to be the President or Governor of your state, write on five important things you will do or that you will change.
Not less than 200 words

 English Language ss2
Write a story to illustrate the saying "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.
English Language ss3
Write a story to illustrate the saying "The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Chemistry ss2
1. Define periodic table
2. State the periodic law
3.who first constructed the periodic table?
4. How many groups and periods are in the periodic table?


Ss3 chemistry

1. Draw the structures of the following organic compounds
I. 2 2 4-trimethylmenthane
II. 1 1 2 2- tetrachloromethane

2. What is catenation?

3. What is the functional group in alkanoic acid?

Account ss2 : Explain nine accounting concept

Business Studies jss2: Explain how to do a provision business?
Business Studies Jss3: Explain: How can Hennateck Int'l Schools grow in numbers and in academics?


Basic Tech JSS1
1.Explain briefly the meaning of technology.
b. List five(5) types of technology
c. Mention 5 importance/ benefits of technology
2. Define the following (i) safety (ii) safety guideline (III)
b. State 2 safety guidelines for the following
(i) pedestrians
(ii) cyclist/motor cyclist
(iii) motorist

Basic Technology (JSS 2)
1. Define the following (i) First Aid (ii) First Aid Box (iii) rescue operation
b. Explain in detail, application of simple aid treatment for (i) Snake bite or scorpion sting (ii) electric shock (iii)cuts (iv) burns

1. Explain the following (I) position (ii) distance (iii) displacement
b. Juxtapose between distance and displacement
2. With five examples each, explain scalar and vector quantities
b. Differentiate between scalar and vector quantities

Financial Accounting Ss1: What are the career opportunities open to accounting profession Financial Accounting Ss3: Introduce a suitable accounting system for a company with a single entry accounting system.

 Civic Education Jss3
Write short note on the following :
(a) human right
(b) constitution
(c) National Identity
(d) selflessness

 Information Technology Jss2 print out the following :
(a) Keyboard
(b) Mouse
(c) Joystick
(d) monitor

JS2 AGRIC SCI ASSIGNMENT.(1)Define the following (a) shifting cultivation (b) mixed farming (c) mixed cropping (d) nomadic herding(e)ranching (2)state 3 advantages and 3 disadvantages of mixed farming. BIOLOGY SS1 (1)Explain briefly 4 branches of biology. (2) state the binomial nomenclature of the following(1) Man (2)Lion(3)Tiger (4) cocoa (5)rubber(6)oil palm (7)housefly(8)cockroach (9)tomato (10)yam (3)elucidate 5 importance of science

Economics ss2
Support or oppose this quote: "unemployment is a cause but not a state".

To be Submitted on the first week of resumption

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